What is a Life Coach?

• A collaborative partner for creating change
• A source for encouragement, accountability and support
• A brainstorming partner for generating ideas and plans
• A guide for good achievement and creating lasting change

What does a life coach do?

A life coach FACILITES CONVERSATIONS that help their clients to:

• Identify and maintain focus their desired outcomes

• Determine achievable goals and actionable plans

• Establish possibilities, options and solutions

• Challenge their limiting belief systems

• Develop and empowered state of mind

• Get and stay motivated, inspired and confident

• Make decisions to take control of their life

Why do clients hire a coach?

They are seeking to:

• Achieving new levels of satisfaction and fulfilment

• Grow in their personal and professional life

• Identify goals and create effective action plans

• Create accountability and commit to themselves

• Take responsibility for directing their lives

• Establish healthy habits, behaviours and states

• Create lasting change that will lead to their results

What a life coaching is NOT:

• A sounding board for complaining about problems

• A source validation of a victim mentality

• A shoulder to cry on during emotional pain or life challenges

• A therapist or counsellor trained to identify and heal the cause of emotional trauma or mental illness

• A consultant offering expert advice

ROLES: – Coach and client

• The coach’s role is to structure the coaching experience, encourage the client, and provide tools.

• The client’s role is to be honest and open, communicate their needs and desires, and take action on decisions made during coaching.

Please note that a life coach is different from a counsellor or therapist, who is a qualified individual who offers treatment. On the other hand, life coaches offer emotional support and motivate and help their clients to identify and make the correct choices. It would be accurate to say that that coaching is more about asking the right questions than providing answers. There are no standard answers to begin with – every individual’s beliefs and values are different and what each individual wants is different. There is no single ‘right’ path to fulfilment, contentment and happiness. A life coach will help to analyse the different aspects of a person’s life and then focus on a specific area.

One of the main reasons for the rising popularity of life coaching is the increasing amount of stress that people experience as a result of work pressure, difficult bosses, lack of work-life balance and loss of motivation. Life coaches are neither ‘agony aunts’ nor preachers and their primary function is not about giving advice. What life coaches do is to provide a framework based on your individual fears, beliefs and motivation that allows you to examine different aspects of your life. By encouraging you to take a closer look at your life, a life coach helps you examine your life path and progress towards your goals.

The main objective of life coaching is to enable to empower clients so that they are successful in their commitment in their communication to change their lives for the better.

To sum it up in one sentence: what personal training does for your body, life coaching does for your mind.