Hypnoanalysis is a form of hypnotherapy. It’s a technique to uncover the underlying cause of a problem a client may have now. Hypnoanalysis doesn’t rely on ‘therapist insight’. It’s also not about the therapist telling the client what they think is the cause of the problem. The fact is, nobody can or will be made to do anything directly as a result of going through hypnoanalysis. The process works through letting the client’s mind analyse thoughts and memories from the past that have sometimes become suppressed to ‘protect’ themselves, but then when they are in certain situations this memory triggers the emotion attached to it and makes them feel the same as they did then. Most of the other forms or types of therapy don’t get to the underlying cause of the problem, totally resolving them, but they ‘mask’ the symptom somehow – it’s like putting a plaster over it. When the specific cause of a physical, mental, spiritual or emotional problem is found, then often the problem is healed.

Hypnoanalysis is about simply allowing the client to bring up what is important to them and resolve it completely and permanently. Hypnoanalysis creates a safe, trusting and confidential environment (if carried out by skilled and qualified hypnotherapists) allowing the client to slowly bring all their bottled-up emotions to the surface. Whether you would benefit from hypnoanalysis or not is a matter to be discussed with a professional and ethical hypnotherapist who is qualified to provide such treatment and they will also advise on how many sessions you may need. They say ‘time heals’ but does it? With hypnoanalysis it’s more about ‘time doesn’t heal but the release of emotions does.’

Causes are like dandelions

Kevin Hogan’s comparison of getting to the root of a cause in his New Hypnotherapy Handbook is spot on: ‘Causes are like dandelions. If you don’t pull up the whole root, the problem will reappear at a later date. Gardeners know that the entire dandelion must be extracted from the earth to prevent its re-emergence.’

Hypnoanalysis offers a complete and permanent resolution.

Hypnotherapy is goal focused and client led and our mind loves to grow. This year doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom for you. If you too are thinking about getting rid of your problems and finally sharing them with someone, then take your first step towards changing your life for the better and give hypnotherapy a try. Hypnotherapy is the process of using hypnosis to achieve a specific goal or outcome. Feel, heal and let go. Once the problem is gone, then it is gone.