We carry traumas, stresses and grief with us throughout our lifetime. The memories of these events can become stored in our body, often presenting as emotional or physical discomfort or pain. Each memory has an energetic pattern associated with the memory. This energetic pattern is stored in our “mid-brain”. We are unable to access the mid-brain through our conscious thoughts, but through tapping into our meridian system, we can connect. Through repetitive tapping around the main energy centres in our body (meridian points), we access the stored emotion or energy patterns associated with the memory interrupting this energy pattern. The energy is released and moves through and out of the body. When an effective “short” circuit has been created, the negative energy pattern doesn’t repeat.

Tapping can be particularly effective in releasing negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, sadness, fear, being stuck, grief, anger and physical as well as physical pain. This release then allows for feelings of:

  • emotional freedom
  • pain relief
  • clarity
  • feelings of love / peace / joy / freedom
  • motivation
  • calmness
  • insight and/or inspiration

EFT has been proven to be especially helpful with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Food Cravings
  • PTSD