Hypnosis is NOT Sleep 

Clients need to understand that they will not necessarily feel hypnotised, they will stay completely aware of things and sounds around them and they will certainly not be asleep.

You Will NOT Lose Control 

It is a commonly held belief that a hypnotist exerts some sort of control over his subject, this comes from stage hypnosis and the old movies of Svengali type characters controlling the minds of others. Reassure the client that they are in control and at any time could bring themselves out of hypnosis.

You Will NOT Reveal Your Deepest Darkest Secrets 

Again, you are in control; you will only do and follow the instruction that morally fit for you. If there are things that you don’t want others to know then you will in no way feel compelled to share these.

Being Hypnotised does NOT Mean You Are Gullible or Stupid 

There is evidence to suggest that there is indeed a correlation between a person’s level of intelligence and their level of suggestibility and it would appear that the opposite holds true, the more intelligent that you the more suggestible that you are hence the better a hypnotic subject you will make.

You Will NOT Get Stuck in Hypnosis 

Very occasionally a client will not respond immediately to your requests for them to emerge from hypnosis, this is purely because the trance state is so relaxing and such a pleasant place to be that they are reluctant to come out.