Covid Information

The National Hypnotherapy Society advice to members to make individual decisions to work face to face with a client if it is not possible to work remotely.

Point 47 on page 32 of the Health Protection Regulations 2020, under businesses permitted to remain open, lists services relating to mental health.

This is reiterated by the Government’s advice that support that is essential to deliver in person, where formally organised to provide therapy, can be allowed to continue. This includes support to victims of crime, people in drug and alcohol recovery, new parents and guardians, people with long-term illnesses, people facing issues relating to their sexuality or gender, and those who have suffered bereavement.

Please read the section on Face to Face Hypnotherapy – Updated Guidance if you decide to book in-the-room therapy.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has provided some guidance in relation to the new Covid-19 guidance and regulations for England which was published on the 4th of January:

• Personal care services provided for medical and health treatment may continue. The guidance on safer working in Close Contact Services should be followed

Close contact services – Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidance – GOV.UK (

• Where applicable, practitioners should also take into account any guidance issued by the healthcare regulators or a relevant professional body.

• The Government cannot provide comments on individual cases of whether or not a business is permitted to open. It is for each business to assess whether they are a business required to close having considered the Regulations and guidance on business closures:

Face to Face Hypnotherapy – Updated Guidance

National Hypnotherapy Society | Important News

• Hypnotherapists may make individual decisions to work face to face if they consider that it is not possible to work remotely with a client. Decisions should take into account:

• the health risk factors for myself and my client, especially those connected with age, pre-existing health conditions, and so on.

• my ability to create and maintain an appropriately socially distanced and hygienic space for face to face client work.

• the risks to myself and my client in travelling to and from my therapy room space.

• my ability to understand whether myself and my client should instead self-isolate, for example, if either of myself or anyone living with me has developed potential symptoms of COVID-19.

• that I continue to be aware of Government guidelines and I am up to date with them.

• that alternative ways of conducting my client sessions, or postponing their sessions, are not possible or detrimental to my client’s wellbeing and welfare.

Taking into account the above, it is my responsibility to make an informed decision regarding face to face practice at this time. The National Hypnotherapy Society recommends raising concerns with my supervisor as well as engaging with my clients as much as possible regarding this issue.

If I am seeing clients face to face, and at the moment, my chair is two meters from the client’s chaise. I have hand sanitiser in both my therapy rooms at home and my office.

Between each client, I use an anti-bacterial spray that is suitable for furniture and soft furnishings.

I do not see any clients that are considered vulnerable in my therapy room at home. Please note that you will be asked to confirm that you have no symptoms before attending our appointment.

Best Practice for Face to Face Hypnotherapy

To offer face to face appointments, I am following the guidelines below, and taking all possible steps to limit the risk of exposure for both myself and my client:

• When seeing clients face to face to ensure that myself and my client practice appropriate hygiene procedures before and after meeting, including hand sanitisation.

• To maintain a good distance of at least two metres from my client.

• To refrain from shaking hands and ensure you have explained to your client why this protocol is being followed.

• To refrain from other physical contact, for example, hugging a client.

• To advise clients to bring their own tissues.

• To remember to clean surfaces: phones, laptops, door handles etc, regularly.

*Please be prepared in case of evolving Government advice that I may have to cancel face to face hypnotherapy sessions again for a temporary period and where possible, I will offer to clients the option of continuing sessions by phone or video conferencing instead.

This advice is superseded at all times by Government advice and the law and is subject to change at short notice.

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