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Welcome to Simply You Therapy located in Peterborough. I offer counselling, solution-focused hypnotherapy, EFT tapping, life and NLP coaching sessions tailored to your needs, either in person (Covid-19 government guidelines) or online. I provide a safe, impartial and confidential space in which to explore your feelings as your counsellor and also friendly and effective hypnotherapy to help you improve your life and health. Do you or your child need help with exam nerves or focus? Do you need help sleeping, with anxiety or to quit smoking? Let me help you to reach your potential.

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All of us at some point in our lives will experience times when we feel that we are overwhelmed or cannot cope. These feelings often impact on other areas of our life. These feelings may affect our academic studies, our relationship with others, our work performance or our personal life, to the extent that we feel unable to live in a successful or satisfactory way. This may be the time to seek out a counsellor. Feelings such as anger, grief, anxiety and loneliness can be distressing and cause anguish, especially if they have been with us for a long period of time. Counselling can help you to explore and reflect upon these feelings. It can help you to understand what is at the root of the concern, and can help you to work towards resolving these difficulties. Counselling provides a safe, impartial and confidential space in which to explore your feelings. Talking to a professional in a confidential setting, safe in the knowledge that what you say will be respectfully listened to, can sometimes help us to understand what is making us feel a certain way.


Is known to help with stress and anxiety. It can also help those who have issues with depression, trauma, pain, illness, confidence, public speaking, phobias, weight loss and management, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and much more. Hypnotherapy can help you create the changes that you want in your life. With hypnotherapy you are actively engaged in this process of change and fully in control. This means that hypnotherapy can only be effective if you are in agreement with what is being suggested to you and you WANT to change. Within a short time, hypnotherapy will make positive changes in your life, relax you in ways you have never experienced and allow you to choose a brighter, more positive future for yourself.

Life Coaching

Like going to the gym or eating healthy, choosing to develop yourself is essential to achieving a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. By understanding and exercising your mental and emotional wellbeing you are creating positive habits and laying the foundations for your success, and personal growth. Life coaching can help you to find your way, plan your steps and achieve and exceed your goals.

NLP Coaching

Can help clients to remove their limiting beliefs along with conflicts within the self, and habits that do not serve them well. NLP Coach may also make a client explore quick visualization techniques towards successful outcomes. With NLP techniques, coaches empower clients to find their way towards actions.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Also known as EFT tapping, is a form of counselling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine – including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy. EFT Tapping helps to restore energy balance and can reduce stress or negative emotions.

If you have any other questions about counselling, hypnotherapy, EFT tapping, life and NLP coaching then please take a look at the FAQ’s page or book here.

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Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone.


A natural approach to positive change.

The first step towards success is defining what it is that you aim to do.


Learn the language of your mind.


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Diane, Peterborough

My husband passed away almost 2 years ago. I couldn’t understand why the pain of losing him, my anxiety/insomnia and self confidence were getting worse. With the help and support of Hana (Simply You Therapy) through psychotherapy and hypnotherapy I have learnt so much about myself, of my fears of where life will take me without my husband and my feelings of deep loss and overwhelming sadness.

I am now able to, through meditation/self hypnosis and breathing techniques, take control of my anxiety, which was something I wasn’t able to do before. The therapy and care I have receive from Hana has had such a positive affect on my wellbeing.

Rebecca, Peterborough

I attended several sessions with Hana to help with tooth grinding. The problem had started during a very stressful work situation and was uncontrollable. I had jaw pain and headaches and was worried about breaking my teeth overnight. I had tried different ways to control it, but nothing worked.

Hana conducted my sessions via Zoom due to Covid-19 and I was able to have my sessions in my living room. I felt able to relax in my own space and she tried several ways to help me with the problem. It was a very relaxing process and I learnt to imagine a dial in my head to turn down the intensity of the tooth grinding.

After several sessions, the problem had greatly reduced. I occasionally wake up and know I’ve been grinding my teeth, but most nights are now problem-free. Her follow-up care was exemplary and I am really grateful to her for helping me to release the stress I had been under and make me realise that the person I worked for could not bully me anymore. I would totally recommend Hana’s hypnotherapy service and my advice would be to give it a try, because it has really helped me.

Kat, Peterborough

Before the third lockdown I had four face to face hypnotherapy sessions mixed with Life & NLP coaching with Hana, to help me with my self-confidence. I remember being tearful during my first session because it brought all sorts of emotions and memories out, but after I felt calm, relaxed and relieved. At the end of my treatment I felt I found my purpose and finally felt confident to start up my own soya wax melt business that is now steadily growing. Thank you Hana!